Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Topic about Opsware Global File System (OGFS)

Hi All,

Here is a topic about Opsware Global File System (OGFS).

The Opsware Global File System (OGFS) is installed with each Slice Component Bundle and provides the central execution environment/shell or infrastructure for Opsware Sever Automation System.

The OGFS runs SAS built-in components — as well as customer-written programs — within a virtual file system that presents the SAS data model, SAS actions, and managed servers as virtual files and directories.

This unique feature of SAS allows users of the Opsware Global Shell and Opsware Platform Extensions to query SAS data and manage servers from any scripting or programming language. Since the OGFS filters all data, actions, and managed server access through the Opsware security model, programs running in the OGFS are secure by default. We can also directly access or query the SAS data via OGFS by simple commands.